15 best pretzel dipping sauces for your pretzel bites

Unwind the world of spicy sensation and satisfy your hunger and craving with amazing pretzel dipping sauces.

pretzel dipping sauces is basically a snake but I will give you a new way of enjoying your favorite pretzel snacks with dipping sauce.

I’m going to give you various options here, so you can enjoy your favorite pretzel with a sauce of your own preference.

pretzel dipping sauces

1. pretzel dipping sauces with Honey mustard sauce

Honey mustard sauce is a famous sauce that is a combination of sweetness and sour taste because of honey and mustard. It goes amazing with pretzel dipping sauces.

Ingredients: it contains honey ,Dijon mustard, mayonnaise,lemon ,salt and spices.

Some people like extra strong flavor ,for those people you can add up ginger ,garlic and lemon juice along with spices.

  • To make it ,put on together all the ingredients in a container .mix all the constituents
  • Then,sprinkle salt and spices according to your taste.

Enjoy both sweet and sour taste with  your favorite pretzel dipping sauces.

 We can also enjoy this sauce with chicken ,fries and salad.

Protips Always try to use good quality elements. Keep in mind  the taste ,while using spiciness

2.The best Queso Blanco sauce

Queso Blanco sauce is a creamy cheese sauce that makes your dish more enjoyable.

You can use it with chips, nachos and your favorite snack pretzel.

Its major use is in Mexican cuisine,which is mostly used for dipping and topping at pretzel dipping sauces and also various dishes.

Ingredients: Butter ,flour,milk ,Blanco cheese ,garlic,cumin,salt and spices are the main elements of this sauce.

  • To make it ,liquify the butter,put flour in it.
  • When flour changes its color then add milk slowly in it .
  • Then add up the cumin ,garlic ,Blanco cheese, salt and spices in it,and leave it to thicken.

Protip: Always use evaporated milk. When you reuse it ,then melt it by using a small amount of milk to maintain its required consistency.

3.chocolates sauce

Chocolate sauce is a sauce that is a sweet and liquid sauce that is specially used for desserts like ice cream, brownies, cakes.

It is made from dark chocolate,white chocolate ,cream  chocolate  and milk chocolate.

 Ingredients: chocolate of any kind ,cream ,unsalted butter and vanilla are the main constituents of this sauce 


To make it,liquify the butter and cream ,then add up vanilla extract and then leave this sauce to cool.

Enjoy the chocolate sauce with a pretzel !!..

Protips: Always use good quality chocolate.Liquify the chocolate on low flame .

Use cream according to your required consistency.if you want thinner sauce then use more cream and if you want thicker consistency then use less amount of cream.

4.mustard pretzel dip

It is basically a sauce that is made up of mustard and other constituents that make  amazing mustard dip for pretzel .

Whether the pretzel snacks are crunchy or like soft but this amazing dip  add up energetic flavor to the pretzel.

Ingredients:It uses mayonnaise,sour cream,cheese ,garlic , vinegar  ,salt ,herbs and spices.

  • To make it , put together all the constituents in a container and mix it .
  • Then,sprinkle salt and spices over it .
  • Save it by covering it with wrap.

You can also try it by using horseradish ,hot sauces and herbs along with spices .This will give extra energetic flavor to those food lovers  who like spiciness more in their foods.

It can be used with all kinds of pretzels like pretzel sticks , pretzel nuggets,pretzel rods and pretzel dipping sauces.

Protips: Try to use fresh element Keep in mind the quantity of spices and consistency of sauce.

5.Hot honey BBQ sauce

Hot honey BBQ sauce is the combination of honey which gives a sweet taste for pretzels ,BBQ that gives smoky flavor with hot sauce.

It has an extra smoky and sweet flavor for meat ,wings , chicken,kebab , marinade,glaze and with various snacks including pretzels. its also used with gammon and different.

Ingredients:it contains barbecue sauce,honey , hot sauce,garlic ,onion,salt and spices along with pepper.

  • To make it,put all the elements together and put them on the flame and allow the mixture to simmer.
  • Sprinkle the salt and spices according to your taste.

Pro tips: It’s a BBQ sauce so to make it more smoky ,use liquid smoke.


6.Ranch dressing

Ranch dressing is a sauce and also a salad dressing that is creamy in touch .When it is used as a pretzel dipping sauces then it adds extra flavors in the dish .

Most common use of this dipping is with vegetables, chicken,wings and snacks .

Ingredients:buttermilk ,garlic ,onion,herbs, mayonnaise ,salt and spices are the main elements of this sauce.

  • To make it ,put all the constituents together in a small container.
  • Then add onion ,salt and spices in it according to your desired taste.
  • Save it in a jar for later use.

Protips: Try to use lemon juice. This will add acidic and strong taste and improve the overall dish flavor.

  •  You can store  this Homemade sauce for a week, not more than this.

7. Garlic caramel sauce

Caramel sauce is a sauce that is made up from caramelized sugar.its taste and appearance is different from other sauces 

It is brown in color and has a unique taste.when it combines with pretzel then it gives sweet and salty taste.

Ingredients:.It contains sugar, unsalted butter, cream,vanilla ,salt and spices.

  • To make it, liquify the sugar in a pan  to melt it completely.
  • When it melts, put  butter and cream in it and cook it.
  • Then add vanilla extract ,salt and spices in it .

It is used as a drizzle on ice cream,it is also used for dipping with various kinds of fruits such as apple , strawberry, it is used for topping on bakery items, it is used for caramel products like coffee, dessert , milkshake. And chocolates .

Protips: Be careful to handle the hot sugar , sometimes it causes overburn which spoils the taste of the sauce.

8.creamy Bacon horseradish sauce

Thus sauce contains creamy Bacon which gives a creamy and smoky  touch and flavor because of bacon with acidic strong taste of horseradish.

It contains bacon, horseradish,Dijon mustard, lemon juice, salt and spices.

  • To prepare this sauce ,just take Skillet, put bacon on it and cook it .
  • After this ,put the bacon over the clean paper and let it cool.
  • Combine all the other constituents in a container.
  • Put cooked bacon in a mixture and put this sauce in the refrigerator.

 I mostly use this sauce with fries and roast but You can  also use  it with  chicken tenders, vegetables,burgers , sandwiches,grilled steaks .

Protips: Always use good quality constituents. Use horseradish for spiciness according to your desired taste.

9.soft pretzel dipping sauces with Garlic Aioli

Garlic aioli is the combination of garlic and mayonnaise which give delicious dipping.

It is used for dipping with various dishes like vegetables,fries ,burgers, sandwich and for seafood.

Ingredients it contains garlic, mayonnaise, Dijon mustard, lemon juice, salt and spices.

  • To make it ,put together all the constituents in a container and mix them .
  • Then add spices and salt, garlic ,and lemon juice according to your desire to.
  • Save it with wrap for later use 

You can also add extra herbs and spices to make it unique with your favorite dish.

Protips: Refrigerate the sauce for better flavor.

10.creamy pesto aioli

creamy pesto aioli is one of the best pretzel dipping sauces and It is the mixture of cream and pesto aioli that makes a smooth and flavorful sauce for dipping.

 It adds herbs like an energetic flavor to the sandwich.you can also add parmesan cheese or some kind of oil like olive oil to make it more flavourful.

Ingredients mayonnaise,pesto aioli,olive oil,cheese ,salt ,garlic ,lemon juice and spices.

  • To make it ,add up all the ingredients together in a container 
  • Then add cheese and mustard for extra flavors
  • Then add salt and spices to improve the dish taste according to your desire.
  • Refrigerate it before use.

protips : Refrigerate this aioli before use to get better flavor.

11.sweet and spicy chili sauce

This sauce is sweet and spicy due to the presence of chili powder and sugar. It is most commonly used in Asian countries.

It is used as a dipping sauce for  rolls, pretzel snacks chicken wings  and grilled meat .it is also use as a glaze for seafood,also used for marinade.

Ingredients: it contains red chili,sugar ,ginger ,garlic ,water ,salt and spices.

  • To make it ,put all the ingredients in a pan and heat it .
  • Off the flame and allow it to cool.
  • Add up more spices if needed  to adjust flavor .

Protips: Carefully handle the chili to avoid disturbance during cooking.

12.Blue cheese dressing

Blue cheese dressing is like a salad whose main element is blue cheese ,which shows a blue or green color vein  that differentiate it from others.

which gives it a creamy touch and strong acidic flavor.

It is used for burgers , sandwiches, used with the wings , vegetables, salad ,pizza and also for steak topping .

Ingredients: mayonnaise, sour cream, blue cheese ,buttermilk white wine vinegar, garlic ,salt and spices.

  • To make it,put all the constituents in a container and mix them 
  • Sprinkle salt and spices to improve your dish taste
  • Save it in a jar . 

Protips:  Stir the jar before use.

13 Garlic parmesan sauce

This sauce contains garlic which gives it a strong taste and parmesan cheese which gives it a creamy like touch .It is used for pretzel dipping sauces.

Ingredients.it contains butter ,heavy cream, parmesan cheese ,flour ,herbs ,salt and spices.

  • To make it ,liquify butter and add flour in it ,cook it for a few minutes.
  • Then add all the remaining constituents in it and allow it to simmer .
  • Add salt and spices for Flavour.

 You can enjoy Pizza and veggies with this sauce  but the people who like meat can also enjoy meat with this dip

Protip: Try to use this sauce within 6 to 7 days .If you use this sauce more than these days then bacteria or yeast affect it.

14.sweet and spicy Apricot dipping sauce

If you are looking for sweet and spicy flavor at a time then you are at the right site.

This sauce gives you both sweet and spice in your dish .It is the best dipping sauce with nuggets, kebabs ,bacon wrapped and pretzel.

Ingredients contain apricot jam,white wine vinegar ,sweet chili ,Dijon mustard tomatoes sauce,mayo.

  • To make it, put all the constituents in a container and mix them.
  • Now it is ready to serve with your favorite dish.

Protips: Keep it in a refrigerator and covered before use.

15.Honey Sriracha sauce

If you are curious about sweet and delicious dipping sauce and it’s commonly used with pretzel dipping sauces, then honey Sriracha sauce is the best option.

It gives your dish sweet and spicy together.

Ingredients: Sriracha ,honey ,garlic ,vinegar ,soy sauce .

  • To make it ,combine all the constituents and heat them and allow them to simmer .Use it with your favorite dish.

  You can enjoy sandwiches,pittas ,hot chips,toast ,salad ,with this dipping.

Keep it at a  normal temperature because at over temperature bacteria yeast affect the sauce.


What’s good to dip pretzels in?

mustard (spicy or Dijon ) is good for pretzel dipping sauces.

Do pretzels taste good with salsa?

Yes, if you have nothing then you can also enjoy salsa.

What kind of mustard for pretzels?

You can use any kind of mustard Sech as Dijon or brown mustard with pretzel dipping sauces.

15 best pretzel dipping sauces for your pretzel bites
pretzel dipping sauces

Unwind the world of spicy sensation and satisfy your hunger and craving with amazing pretzel dipping sauces.

Type: dipping sauce

Cuisine: American

Keywords: best pretzel dipping sauces

Recipe Yield: 5 servings

Calories: 400kal

Preparation Time: PT6M

Cooking Time: PT9M

Total Time: PT15M

Recipe Ingredients:

  • Favorite sauce recipe ingredients Pretzel Honey mustard sauce The best Queso Blanco sauce chocolates sauce mustard pretzel dip Hot honey BBQ sauce Ranch dressing caramel sauce creamy Bacon horseradish sauce for more see above

Recipe Instructions: Make your favorite sauce according to your favorite flavor by following the recipe given above. Enjoy the sauce with pretzel snacks

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