The 10 best Substitutes for Condensed tomato soup

How irritating it will be if you have something essential in the recipe that needs to be added to your kitchen.

And that one special is tomato soup.

condensed tomato soup is a very important ingredient in our kitchen for a lot of dishes that are mostly used as a base in our favorite foods.

But if you found it missing while making your favorite dish?

That is a frustrating period for a lot of people, but now there is no need to worry about that.

I will give you an excellent option that works the same as tomato soup and gives your dish an amazing tomato-base-like taste.

Here, I am giving you the 12 best options.

What is condensed tomato soup?

condensed tomato soup

It is another form of tomato soup that is a thick, concentrated, and condensed form of tomato soup.

It is made by using different ingredients and water to make it concentrated and thick in form by reducing its volume.

The constituents are thick in form and are very smooth in touch.

It is mostly used for soups, used as dipping sauce, and stews and casseroles.

It is thick and concentrated in form so that we can use it alone in dishes, but using it, we do not need to use extra liquid in dishes.

By using fresh or packaged tomato soup, you need to invest a lot of money, but condensed tomato soup will help you save money because it is cheap.

You can buy it easily from any mart or store, and it is very easily available in package form.

It is also available with fresh herbs that make it more attractive and healthier.

 Constituents for Tomato soup are a very important and famous ingredient. You can buy it, but sometimes it is very difficult to find it from any place but don’t worry, you have alternatives.

10 best substitutes for condensed tomato soup:

here I explain 12 different substitutes

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1. Canned tomato sauce

It is a very amazing substitute for condensed tomato soup.

The canned sauce is made from ingredients along with spices and herbs, which make it more attractive and healthier and make its flavor more intense.

If you want to add something more interesting and intense to your dish, then this goes best.

Canned tomato soup constituents are available in different forms and different brands so that you can buy it easily, and its price depends on the type of brand you are selecting.

2. Marinara sauce 

Marinara sauce is also a tomato-based sauce that is similar to tomato soup and the best substitute .

If you want something in-depth in spice and acidic taste, then this goes well.

It is acidic and spicy but light in taste and texture.

It is thick and smooth in texture, which is ideal for your favorite dishes like soups and casseroles.

Marinara sauce is very good from a health point of view because it is very low in calories in competition with substitutes.

It contains more nutritional value as compared to substitute for condensed tomato soup because it is full of minerals and vitamins.

It also contains potassium, is low in fats and cholesterol, and is very good for patients related to cholesterol and fats issues.

Marinara sauce is very low in price in comparison.

Its rate also depends on the brand and quality which you are selecting.

Overall, it is an amazing way to add taste and zesty to your food as compared.

3 . Tomato paste

Can I substitute tomato sauce instead of tomato soup?

Yes, you can!

It is tomato puree that is concentrated, thick, and smooth in texture as compared to condensed tomato soup.

You can make it from fresh tomatoes; take the tomatoes, wash them, and peel them off.

After peeling, mash the tomatoes and make a paste.

To make a paste, take the tomatoes and cook them in water until all the water evaporates.

It is more concentrated and intense in taste in comparison.

As compared to canned soup, it is thicker and dense, and you can easily make it more thick or thinner.

It has greater nutritional value because it contains vitamins A and vitamins c due to its higher level of concentration.

It also helps to reduce inflammation in our body because it is an antioxidant due to the presence of lycopene.

It is also cheap as compared to other canned.

4. Mashed red potatoes

If you try this mashed red potato sauce, then you do not need to buy the canned or other kinds of tomato base because it contains the same texture and consistency.

canned tomato also contains a nutritional value, but there is no need to worry. This mashed potato sauce also contains high amounts of fiber and vitamins.

It also contains sodium, the same as condensed tomato soup, and one important benefit that it will provide you is that it is very low in calories.

 You can also make tomato sauce constituents at home by using very simple ingredients, and it will also help you with cost because you can make it on a very low budget.

Butter, boiled potatoes, milk, salt, and spices are required to make this amazing mashed potato paste.

You make it by boiling the potatoes and then mashing them with other ingredients

5. Mashed sweet potato

Mashed sweet potato substituents are called so because the potatoes used in it are sweet naturally.

It is also creamy in texture.

It contains mashed potatoes, that’s why it is much smoother in texture.

Mashed sweet potatoes also provide you nutritional benefits, such as they give you fibers and vitamins(A and C), so they will give you more health benefits.

It also contains sodium, which makes it a healthier and low-fat meal, and it is very low in calories.

It is also low in budget in comparison with the canned or condensed tomato soup. So you can easily buy it or make it at home with a lot of health benefits.

Butter, cream, salt, spices, and garlic are required to make this amazing sweet potato in mashed form.

6. Creamed corn

Creamed corn is another popular, delicious, and amazing constituent.

It is rich in creamy texture and very smooth in texture and is most widely used in casseroles, soups, stews, and pasta sauces.

Fibre, vitamins A and C, riboflavin, thiamin, folic acid, magnesium, and phosphorus are present in it, which makes it rich in aspects of nutritional benefits.

It is also low in calories, which makes it a great option.

If you want an option that is low in fat and calories, then this is a great option, so it will. Make your meal a healthier one.

If you want to know about its price as compared to canned, then it is more expensive than condensed tomato soup, but it gives you more health benefits so that you can choose it according to a health perspective.

7. Yogurt or sour cream

Now you have two options: one is Yogurt, and the other is sour cream.

Both give you a creamy texture, but Yogurt is less flavourful than sour cream, and Yogurt is low in price.

Substitutes for tomato soup, like Yogurt, are also less in fats and calories, but sour cream is rich in calories and fats.

Sour cream is very thick in texture and gives you a thick creamy texture, and Yogurt is thin in consistency, so choose according to your preference.

Both are rich in nutrition and are chosen according to fat, calories and budget preference.

8. creamy broccoli soup

 Creamy broccoli soup is a very simple, easy, quick, and homemade recipe soup. You can make it easily without the use of too many ingredients.

Tomato soup substitute is a thick, creamy, and delicious soup which makes your dish an amazing one.

You can make it by using butter, broth, onion, broccoli, flour, butter, milk, and pepper.

To saute the onion and celery, you use butter.

Onion is used to make it flavourful, crunchy, and tasty.

The broth is used in the chicken form as a liquid base; you can also use vegetable broth.

Broccoli is used to make creamy broccoli; try to use fresh broccoli.

Flour, butter, and milk are used to make roux to make a thick consistency.

Pepper is used to give it a spicy kick.

To make this amazing soup, take this onion, saute it in butter, and then add all the other ingredients.

9. French onion soup

French onion soup is a French recipe or soup. It is prepared by using the onion that is caramelized with broth.

Bread or some cheese is used for topping; mostly gruyere cheese is used for topping.

Yellow onion is used for making this amazing onion soup. Red or white onion is also another option for making this amazing soup.

To make it best after storage, always try to use an air-tight container and place it in a refrigerator or in a fridge.

Use cheese or bread if you want to heat it again to make it extra delicious.

I always tried to make it in my special meal to make everyone happy.

To make this amazing soup, I mostly used any kind of onion, red, white, or yellow, unsalted butter, olive oil, broth, French bread, thyme, salt, pepper, Swiss cheese, and parmesan cheese.

To prepare it, take all the ingredients, liquify the butter, and saute the onion.

Then add all the other ingredients in it and then sprinkle salt and spices over it.

10 .corn sauce 

Corn sauce is a thick, sweet, and smooth sauce that is prepared from vegetables and chicken along with other ingredients.

You can also add spices and herbs to make it more flavourful.

You can prepare it by using sweet corn, chicken, or vegetable and cream.

To prepare it, take water and corn and boil it, then add up the kernel in it; after this, blend this mixture and add spices and herbs to give flavor to it.

Tomato. Soup substitute is very low in calories and contains carbohydrates, proteins, vitamin A and Vitamix C, calcium, and iron.

Sweet corn in fresh or in canned form is used as the main ingredient of this recipe.

Substitute for tomato soup. 

When you want tomato soup in condensed form but you are not available, and you need another substitute in place of condensed tomato soup. I have been given the 10 best options that are a perfect alternative.

All the ingredients you require are already available in your kitchen. No need to worry about all of these.


Q: What does tomato soup taste like?

It is sweet and sour because of the addition of herbs and spices.

Q: Can I use ketchup instead of tomato soup?

Yes, we can use tomato ketchup as a substitute.

Q: Is tomato sauce the same as tomato soup?

 Tomato sauce contains onion, garlic, and spices.
While tomato soup contains cream, croutons, and herbs.
The ingredients difference makes them differ.

Q: What is tomato soup good for?

Tomato soup is a good way of providing antioxidant properties, lycopene, flavonoids, and vitamins (E and C).

Q: What can I add to tomato soup to make it taste better?

Garlic powder, onion powder, Italian seasoning, cayenne pepper, black pepper, and salt.

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condensed tomato soup

condensed tomato soup the 10 best substitute

In this article, I will give you the best options for Substitutes that can be used in place of condensed tomato soup.
It will highlight the best Substitute that is cheap, healthier, and easily available to you.
Prep Time 6 minutes
Cook Time 6 minutes
Total Time 12 minutes
Course sauce
Cuisine American
Servings 4 people
Calories 210 kcal


  • Tomato paste
  • Cream broccoli soup
  • Yogurt or sour cream
  • Creamed corn
  • Mashed sweet potatoes
  • Mashed red potatoes
  • Marinara sauce
  • Canned tomato sauce
  • Corn sauce
  • French onion soup


  • Options for substitutes are given above.
  • Choose your favorite Substitute that goes best with your dish.
  • Follow the recipe.
  • Enjoy it with your favorite food.
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