what sauce goes on street tacos? (13 best sauces)

Are you thinking about what sauce goes on street tacos?

street tacos are simply street foods that are unique and different due to their small size and are enjoyed with corn tortillas.

It is filled from the inside with meat and veggies, depending on your choice, and is covered with onions, spices, and herbs and there are the options of sauce goes on street tacos.

But you can enjoy it a lot when you try to enjoy it with sauces. But there might be confusion about what sauce goes best with the street tacos taste.

Here, I am giving you the best 13 options 0f sauces that goes on street tacos

what sauce goes on street tacos

what sauce goes on street tacos?

1. Chipotle cream sauce

what sauces that go on street tacos?

Chipotle cream sauce is a sauce that is spicy with the use of Chipotle pepper and creamy in texture due to the use of cream and mayonnaise. sauce for gammon also used with it.

Chipotle pepper may be jalapenos in dry powder form or smoked jalapenos, and lime juice is added to make the sour and zesty sauce.

You can make street taco sauce by taking the pepper with cream and lemon juice and blending sauce goes on street tacos until the required consistency occurs.

It is made from dairy products, so store it for a shorter period. Otherwise, it gives a bad taste and smells bad.

2 .cilantro lime crema

What will happen when you get the lime, cream, and spicy sauce?

The amazing cilantro lime creamy sauce for street tacos is formed, which goes best with tacos.

To prepare this delicious sauce for tacos, combine lemon juice, cilantro, and hot sauce.

Cilantro is also famous for its coriander leaves that give the sauce a fresh and sour taste.

It is widely popular for Mexicans to add spice to the dishes.

You can also add jalapeno, avocado, or Greek yogurt to enhance the flavor.

3. Mango salsa

Mango salsa is the best choice or idea for street tacos, especially for fish tacos.


what sauce goes on street tacos?

It contains mango, lime, pepper, and onion; mango gives a sweet taste, lime makes it acidic, and pepper gives a spicy taste, so overall, it is a combination of sour, sweet, and spicy flavors.

You can also sprinkle herbs such as cilantro, mint leaves, or thyme to make it cool and fresh for tacos.

Avocado, veggie, and sour cream are the other additions that make it different and more enjoyable.

To make this delicious mango salsa, gently combine mango cubes, lemon juice, pepper, and onion, and sprinkle herbs for zesty and freshness.

4. chipotle salsa

 If you want a simple, quick, spicy, and attractive option that goes amazing with street tacos, why not chipotle salsa?

Tomatoes, cilantro, spices, and sometimes cream go for the preparation of this delicious sauce.

Add a kick of avocado and lemon to make it more zesty.

Sour cream is also the best Dressing for Chipotle sauce. It gives it a creamy look and goes best with fish street tacos and meat tacos.

Taco sauce also gives a smoky flavor due to the use of smoky pepper, which provides a unique smoky texture and taste to the sauce.

5. Salsa Taqueria

what sauce goes on street tacos?

Chile De Arbol pepper is the main ingredient of this hot street taco sauce that gives a hot and spicy kick of flavor to those who are lovers of spicy sauce.

But it’s not good for those people who are not habitual of hot sauces or spicy textures, so avoid these people.

It is also a tomato-based sauce used with tomatoes, olive oil, and other species.

Cabbage, reddish, lime, and other herbs dress street taco sauce.

To make this delicious street taco dip, take this sauce’s constituents in a jar and then put it in a blender to make it like a paste until you can get the required sauce consistency.

6. jalapeno sesame sauce

what sauce goes on street tacos that is your confusion for tacos.

Jalapeno is the best hot sauce for tacos, especially for people, including those who are great lovers of spicy food. 

This sauce also gives you a smoky touch along with spice because it contains poblano pepper, which provides a smoky and spicy taste.

Salt and lemon juice also make it shiny, fresh, and zesty.

Fish, chicken, and meat tacos are the main dishes that go widely with this delicious, spicy, and smoky sauce. 

You can also add jalapeno for more spice clicks, and herbs are best for dressing over it.

7. pineapple salsa.

what sauce goes on street tacos don’t worry about that I have a lot of options for that,

It is the best sauce for those who like fruit addition in the sauce.

This sauce has a sweet and sour taste that goes perfectly with the street tacos.

Pineapple gives a sour taste that enhances the taste of fish tacos with the crunchy bunch of onion and bell pepper.

Add lemon, cilantro, and spices to make street taco topping more flavourful.

Herbs, tomato, and cream, mostly sour cream, are the best for dressing on pineapple tacos salsa.

Pineapples are also full of health benefits; pineapple provides you with manganese and vitamin C, tomatoes give you anti-oxidant properties, and lemon also gives you vitamin C.

8. Guacamole

if you are thinking about what sauce goes on street tacos then you are at the right place.

Guacamole is a type of sauce that is creamy in texture, and it is prepared from avocado, tomatoes, lemon juice, and spices.

Onion, cilantro, jalapenos, and garlic are also used to make Mexican taco sauce more zesty, spicy, and crunchy.

It is a perfect combo for meat, fish, and chicken tacos.

Cheese, sour cream, herbs, and salsa can be used for dressing to make it more attractive.

To make this delicious street taco sauce, take ripe avocado, mash it, add all the other elements, and mix them properly.

this is the answer to your question about what sauce goes on street tacos.

9. Avocado cream sauce

what sauce goes on street tacos that might be confusing for you?

If you like to enjoy fruit with a creamy texture, then avocado cream sauce will fulfill your needs.

Garlic is used in avocado cream taco sauce, giving you a little spicy flavor and a creamy and fruity texture.

It is a simple and easy taco sauce recipe that can be easily made at home, and it’s best for tacos of meat, chicken, and fish.

If you want a sour taste and creamy and spicy click, you can use lemon juice or lemon zest.

Jalapeno poppers or other kinds of spices also go best to make this sauce for street tacos.

I made it simply by combining all the ingredients with lemon juice and sprinkling spices.

10. pesto sauce

what sauces that goes on street tacos?

Pesto is a herb, so this sauce is the herbaceous sauce.

This sauce is based on an herbal product to give you health benefits and freshness.

Sour cream, garlic, black pepper, salt, and herbs are used to make it.

To make the taco the best topping, combine and blend all the constituents properly.

Lemon juice, lemon zest, and jalapeno or red pepper are also the best options for adding to it.to make it more zesty and flavorful.

Cabbage, some herbs, mango salsa, and avocado are used for Dressing; I mostly used them to make my taco dish more representable.

11. Ranchero sauce 

what sauce goes well at street tacos are you thinking this?

Ranchero sauce is a flavorful sauce made from tomatoes and red pepper, which gives an amazing spicy red sauce mostly used in Mexico.

It is an amazing sauce with an easy homemade recipe with full zest.

You can also add lemon to make it sour and add herbs over it to look like an appetizer.

The Dressing may be liquid or maybe from herbs. You can be more flavourful and presentable by using oil, cream, and spices.

Peel off the tomatoes, blend them with chili and cream, and sprinkle salt and spices with herbs.

12. Boom boom sauce 

what sauces that goes on street tacos that might be confusing for you?

Boom Boom is a flavourful condiment sauce with spice, sweetness, and garlic taste that goes best with any food.

Mayonnaise is specially used to make it creamy, and it is caused by frying the ingredients.

It gives you some amazing benefits that help you to choose this sauce for your food. These are;

  • It’s easy to make.
  • Its ingredients are so simple and easily available
  • It has an easy and homemade recipe
  • It is family-friendly, and anyone can enjoy food with it.

Mayonnaise, ketchup, sweet chili, garlic, and Sriracha are used.

To prepare it, mix all the constituents in a container, save it in a bottle, and keep it in a refrigerator for freshness.

13. Creamy Tex-Mex sauce

what saucea that goes on street tacos are you thinking about some kind of Mexican dish?

It is a Mexican dish that is delicious, creamy, savory, and zesty.

In tex mex sauce, you have a lot of options like ;

  • Queso sauce
  • Sour cream sauce 
  • Avocado sauce 
  • Chipotle cream sauce 

All these sauces are under the Tex-Mex cream sauce served with Tex-Mex dishes.

It is prepared using sour cream, cheese, cumin, paprika, garlic spices, tomatoes, green chili, and salt.

You can prepare it by following the simple few steps.

  • Liquify the sour cream
  • Add cheese, cumin, paprika, chili powder, garlic, salt, and other spices and combine everything gently.
  • After this, cook it unt

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Q: Which sauce is best for tacos?

 Salsa, creamy, hot sauce, and guacamole are the famous sauce that goes best with 

Q: What sauces do Mexicans put on their tacos?

They put salsa Verde, salsa roja, pico de Golla, guacamole, and hot sauces in their tacos

Q: What is America’s number 1 taco sauce?

America’s number 1 taco sauce is light salsa, which has a hot, spicy flavor.

what sauce goes on street tacos

Sauce goes on street tacos

what sauce goes on street tacos ?this article will give you an answer.
This article gives you information about the recipe for street tacos, highlighting the pairing of sauces that go best with tacos, making them more flavorful and tasty
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 5 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes
Course sauce
Cuisine American
Servings 4 people


  • Corn tortillas
  • Chicken or meat
  • Olive oil
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Lime
  • Onion
  • Cilantro
  • Salsa
  • Hot sauce
  • Tomatoes
  • Cheese


  • Take chicken or meat and season it with spices and herbs
  • After this, cook chicken
  • Warm the tortilla.
  • Then, take a chicken slice and put it in a tortilla.
  • Sprinkle lemon over it and slice the tomatoes, onion, and herbs.
  • Add cheese and hot sauces to it.
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