13 dips for spanakopita

Spanakopita dipping sauce Sauces that go with spanakopita Spanakopita dipping sauce are rich in fiber, calcium, and low-calorie food.

it is mainly used in Greece as a traditional food.

dips for spanakopita

You can enjoy it with your favorite sauces, making your dish more amazing than eating it without any sauce.
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Dips for spanakopita

Here, I will detail some delicious sauces that give you unforgettable dining experiences.

Tzatziki sauce

Tzatziki sauce is a famous sauce in Greece; it is the most widely used sauce because it has some fantastic features,

such as it is made from Greek yogurt, which is more flavorful and thick in texture and gives this sauce a tremendous texture.

Its main constituent is cucumber which adds a fresh and cooling effect. It is a fantastic spanakopita dipping sauce and pairs with grilled meat, bread, and salad. 

Ingredients: Greek yogurt, cucumber, garlic, virgin oil, fresh dill, salt, and spices

Instructions: To prepare it, grind the cucumber and add yogurt, garlic, oil, and lemon juice. Then, add salt and spices to make it flavourful.

 Pro tips: Try to use roasted garlic in place of sweet garlic. • You can add yogurt and lemon to attain its required consistency. 

Homemade Tartar sauce

Tartar is a traditional sauce specially used with seafood. Still, you can also use it with dips for spanakopita by adding some fantastic flavor, like dill, garlic, etc., to give you an extra strong and herbal flavor.

Ingredients: Tartar is made from mayonnaise, pickle, onion, lemon juice, Dijon mustard, salt, and spices. •

Instructions: To make it, put all the constituents in a bowl and mix them • Sprinkle salt and spices according to your desired Taste. • Put all the sauce in a jar to save for later use.

Pro tips: Don’t use it instantly; refrigerate before use to enjoy its flavor. 

Roasted red pepper sauce 

It is a traditional sauce that belongs to Greece. It is the most widely used sauce because it gives you a smoky and sweet flavor.

It contains Feta and spinach, which create a delicious and fantastic dips for spanakopita.

You can serve it with meat, pasta, bread, vegetables, and sandwiches.

Ingredients: It contains red bell pepper, garlic, olive oil, vinegar, salt, and spices. •

Instructions: To make it, clean the red pepper remove the seed, and cut it to extra ends • Then, bake the pepper by using oil and then spray salt and spices on it. •

Then roast the pepper. •

After roasting, place it in a jar for use.

Pro tips: Refrigerate it before using.

 Creamy avocado crema sauce

Creamy sauce is a more widely used sauce for topping and dipping. It is used for tacos, burritos, grilled meat, fries, and vegetables, and you can also use it with spanakopita dipping to enjoy the unique Taste. •

Ingredients: It makes it; you need avocado, Greek yogurt, lemon juice, garlic, fresh dill, salt, and spices.


For the preparation of creamy avocado sauce, clean the avocado and blend it in a container •

Then, add up the above constituents • Mix it to make a creamy mixture. • Then add salt and spices for Taste. • Save it in a jar for use.

Protip When you leave this sauce open, it turns brown, and its taste changes, so reserve it in a container by covering it with a wrap sheet. 

creamy cucumber dill sauce

Creamy cucumber sauce is a special sauce because it gives you a cooling and fresh effect because of cucumber, which is a fantastic option on summer days.

Dill is a herb used in this sauce which adds a fantastic fragrance to your dish.

It is used for dipping in many dishes, such as seafood, grilled fish, meat, salad, and vegetables, giving a fantastic pairing with spanakopita.

Ingredients: It contains Greek yogurt, fresh herbs like dill, garlic, lemon juice, salt, and pepper. •

Instructions: To prepare it, mince the cucumber, add all the constituents, and mix it all • Then sprinkle salt and spices. • Save it for use.

Protip • Select the correct quantity and quality. • Release all moisture from the cucumber.

 Garlic aioli sauce

Garlic aioli is a very famous aioli, and it is used in Mediterranean cuisine and contains a creamy and unique flavor. You can serve it with vegetables, meat, fries, sandwiches, and burgers.

Ingredients: It contains garlic, mayonnaise, lemon juice, Dijon mustard, salt, and spices. •

Instructions: To make it, take minced garlic and all the other constituents in a container and combine all of them. • Then add salt and spices to make it more tasty best dips for spanakopita

Ready to serve with your favorite spanakopita to give you unique dipping?

Protips Roast the garlic before using; this will reduce the sharp garlic taste in the aioli.

pesto sauce

pesto sauce is made from fresh basil and gives a fragrance of herbs. It gives a sweet taste. Traditionally pine nuts are used in pesto sauce which gives a nutty taste.

Parmesan cheese is also used, giving it a creamy touch and enhancing its flavor.

Ingredients: It is made from basil leaves, pine nuts, garlic, salt, spices, cream, tomatoes, red pepper, and lemon juice. •

Instructions: Take all the ingredients and grind them or blend them • Then, add oil or cream it to attain the desired consistency and sprinkle salt and spices. •

The sauce is ready to enjoy with your favorite dish. It goes well paired with vegetables, burgers, pasta, and snacks, and it is a good dips for spanakopita.

Protips • Using pestle and mortar to blend the constituents will keep the original Taste. But you can also use a blender or processor for your easiness •

Pesto sauce is good to enjoy when you make it, but you can also save it for later use. 

 chimichurri sauce

It was first time used in Argentina, but now it is used all around the world. It is an excellent and tasty sauce of marinade.

It uses grilled meat mainly, but you can also use it with vegetables and seafood and enjoy it as a dipping sauce with spanakopita.

Ingredients: Its main constituents are parsley, garlic, oregano leaves, olive oil, red wine, lemon juice, red pepper, salt, and spices. •

Instructions: To make it, take all the elements in a container and mix them all •. Then add olive oil to maintain consistency. •

Then sprinkle salt and spices to make it more flavorful. • Refrigerate it before using it with your favorite dish.

Protips • Always try to use fresh constituents. • Use chop and fresh herbs to gain herbaceous freshness. 

cilantro lime crema sauce 

 crema sauce is the most widely used Mexican sauce, giving your dish a creamy and robust taste. This sauce allows you to use it with your favorite dipping,

such as chips, rolls, veggies, sticks, and wings. dips for Spanakopita are used both with veggies and meat as wraps and sandwiches.

Ingredients: sour cream, fresh cilantro (chopped), lime juice, garlic, salt, and spices. •

Instructions: To make it, put all the constituents in a container and mix them • Add flavors and salt to make it more flavorful and tasty. • You can also add lime and cream to maintain its consistency.

Protips • To make it spicier, you can increase its spiciness by adding jalapenos • If you want it more creamy, you can add mayonnaise. 

Greek yogurt sauce

Tzatziki is a special yogurt Sauce that is used all around the world. It is a traditional sauce that contains yogurt and especially cucumber, which gives freshness to your dish.

This sauce does not just give you a flavor and is full of health benefits; it contains yogurt, probiotics, and cucumber, a green vegetable full of nutrients.

The yogurt sauce is an excellent sauce dips for spanakopita dipping. It is also used for dressing and marinade to give your dish a unique flavor

Ingredients: It contains yogurt, cucumber, garlic, lemon juice, herbs, salt, olive oil, and spices. •

Instructions: • Put all the constituents in a container and mix them. • Then add more olive oil or yogurt to attain its desired consistency. • Then add salt and spices to get the flavorful sauce.

Protips You can also add lemon zest, olives, red pepper, or hot sauces to make it a more spicy and flavorful dining sauce with your favorite dish.

Greek salsa

Greek salsa is also called Tzatziki. It is a fresh and creamy sauce that gives your dish freshness and coolness.

Ingredients: Yogurt, cucumber, garlic, olive oil, lemon juice, fresh dill, salt, and spices. •


To make it, combine and mix all the elements in a container. • Then add cream or oil to attain the required consistency. • Add spices and salt to make it more flavourful.

It is used dips for spanakopita dipping, vegetables, and grilled meat.

Protips • Always use Greek yogurt. • Keep it in a refrigerator to make the sauce ingredients meld properly.

Greek tomato sauce

Greek tomato sauce Ladolemono is a sauce that is made from tomato and lemon; it adds fresh and tasty flavor.

It is used in Greek dishes, for dipping for spanakopita, and in various dishes like salad, vegetables, and grilled meat.

Ingredients: Ripe tomatoes, olive oil, garlic, herbs, salt, and spices are the main constituents of this sauce. •

Instructions: Boil the water and add tomatoes to it. • After a few minutes, remove the tomatoes from the water and peel them off. •

Then, chop the tomatoes and add all the constituents in them. • Combine them all together to make a paste-like sauce. Add more lemon or oil to maintain its consistency. • Sprinkle salt, spices, and herbs for extra flavors.

Protips. • Always choose ripe and juicy tomatoes • Use quality products and fresh lemon juice instead of a bottle. 

 Lemon dill sauce

Lemon dill sauce is delicious and contains lemon zest, enhancing the overall flavor. The lemon dip is the best choice for dips for spanakopita.

It can be used with your favorite food, like salad, vegetables, meat, spanakopita, and seafood.

Ingredients: It contains mayo, sour sauce, garlic, lemon zest, lemon juice, herbs, salt, and spices. •

Instruction To make it, combine all the constituents in a Container and mix them • Add more lemon or mayo to decrease the thickness of the sauce and to attain the required consistency. • Sprinkle salt and spices on the sauce to make it more flavourful.

Protips If the sauce is thinner, add milk to make it thicker.

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Is spanakopita served warm?

yes, you can serve spanakopita warm, or you can serve it at room temperature.

Why is spanakopita good for you?

It is rich in fiber and calcium and is most beneficial for me because it is a low-calorie diet

What sauce to eat with spanakopita?

We can eat spanakopita with any kind of sauce like herbaceous sauce, honey mustard sauce, salsa sauce, roasted red pepper sauce

Sauce with Spanakopita recipe Spanakopita 

dips for spanakopita

dips for spanakopita

Spanakopita dipping sauce Sauces that go with spanakopita Spanakopita dipping sauce are rich in fiber, calcium, and low-calorie food.
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 5 minutes
Total Time 12 minutes
Course Side Dish
Cuisine American
Servings 5 people
Calories 380 kcal


  • Spinach
  • Onion
  • Garlic
  • Olive oil
  • Cheese
  • Parsley
  • Dill
  • Phyllo pastry
  • Unsalted butter Sauce You can follow the ingredients and instructions of your favorite sauce from.above given sauces.


  • • Heat the olive oil in a skillet, then put onion and garlic in heated oil and saute it until it gets brown
    • Then put spinach in it.
    • Remove these from the flame and leave it to cool.
    • Then, take cheese, dill, and parsley and mix them all together.
    • Then add spinach, garlic, and onion paste in cheese and dill paste.
    • Mix them all. • Add salt and spices to make them more flavourful
    . • Take eight layers of phyllo pastry and cover it lightly with butter.
    • Then fill these layers with the paste which you have made.
    • Then, cut these layers into triangles or square shapes.
    • Then, bake these layers, which are called spanakopita.
    • After baking, the spanakopita is ready
    • Now serve it with your favorite sauce. 
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